PetNanny and Animal Artist

If it isn't Petnanny it is just a dog walker. Often imitated never matched.


The Petnanny effect can be found after a day of fun with their friends:  

Photos supplied with thanks from their owners:

Oh a glorious sight Petnanny Effected Beagle, quiet and still.

Tips and Tumble after a hard day at work

Sometimes they don't even get home before it hits

Molly Moo Petnanny Effect special

Mont managed to get to bed before it took effect

Rescue Poppy had the Petnanny Effect from just meeting me

Just learning to come out with Nanny is tiring when you are a pup....Flute 

Ah bless Shyboy has it bad

Poppy and Truffle are hit by a sudden attack of the Petnanny Effect

Doris is feeling the Petnanny Effect!

Elsie is definitely feeling the Petnanny Effect!

Oscar can't even be bothered to put his teeth away!

Ali decides her evening walk shall be postponed for now 

Awww Petnanny Effect full force.  Charlie sleeps

Willow has joined her brother Charlie and succumbed but not before grabbing her fave toy

Winnie joins her sister Elsie....looks like she has definitely got the Petnanny effect


Another Petnan pup who likes to crash out with her toy Poppy


It does strike twice!  

Roly succumbs!

Roly is busy right now Petnanny effect has taken over

Pete tongue looks to be stuck to the bed haha Petnanny effect spoon style

Lola didn't even feel it coming

It isn't just dogs that feel the Petnanny effect cats do too!  Tumble after a hard day testing the dogs!

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