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 Please note most of these Testimonials are now old most testimonials are found on my guestbook.

'I remember first coming across Caroline about 10 years ago when I saw the van,I was intrigued and impressed with the load of happy smiling faces waiting excitedly to go for their walks.


When I got my Maddie about 7 years ago,I realised that we would both benefit from enlisting the help of Caroline’s Petnannny services.Madds was(is)beautiful but highly strung,And so a much loved and respected relationship was born.


Now that I also have the lovely (Princess)Martha I need the Petnanny Family even more.I could not have the dogs without them.Working full time and now having the very irksome MS,(often heart breaking and frightening)it is the dogs that keep me going half the time!


I think I can say no more, than if I still had my 2 horses 2 dogs and a rabbit,I would trust Caroline and the other Nannies totally,to be in charge of their wellbeing and education.I think they would all be happier.fulfilled and most importantly happy creatures.'


Thankyou Caroline.


Julie Hartley

Picture Editor

BBC Look North, 2014

'We have been using Petnanny for around 3 or 4 years now for our dalmatian. The days he goes out with Pet Nanny are his favourite days of the week. As an inexperienced dog owner when we got him Petnanny has been invaluable in teaching him (and us) not just the 'normal' things like recall etc, but most importantly good socialisation skills when he's out and about. He's been taken to the vet on two occasions by Petnanny, and they have always notified us of any health concerns that we might not otherwise have been aware of. They've always been as flexible as possible and he ALWAYS comes home happy and fulfilled.'

Stephanie Arrowsmith, 2013

We were on the point of sending Molly our Newfoundland puppy back to the breeder because she was so awful. It had got to the stage where I wouldn;t be in the house alone with her. Petnanny was recommended to us and Caroline came along and saved us all. Her training advice was great and the last 8 years have been fantastic for us all, with no additional training input required. I can't imagine life without Molly - so a massive thanks to Caroline.

Hilary Snowdon, 2013

'15 months ago the petcare arrangement I had in place broke down. I was forced to find a solution as working full time and with long days thrown in, it was critical I found a dog walker/petsitter that met my needs.
It was critical that whoever I found provided a flexible, reliable and responsible service.
However, the most important criteria was they loved my pets almost as much as I do!
I am delighted to say that Petnanny excels in everything I need for the care of my dogs on a daily basis.
I would highly recommend Petnanny.'

Justine Wilkie, 2011

'If you are looking for a Petnanny, a dog walker, someone to train your dog etc I would very highly recommend Caroline Howlett, Caroline has been Petnanny since 1998 and is extremely skilled and experienced at what she does. She has looked after my two dogs Poppy & Roly for over 1½ years and I can honestly say that she has consistently provided us (and the dogs) with an excellent service. With Petnanny you don't just get a dog walking service, you get first class, overall care of your dogs. 
  Caroline and her Nannies Sam and Alex are all very experienced at what they do. They collect Poppy & Roly in specially adapted Petnanny vans and take them out for the day while I'm at work. I have peace of mind that they will cater for their needs and give them the same standard of care as they would their own dogs
  Poppy and Roly absolutely love going out with Petnanny, they watch for the Petnanny van arriving then they get all excited to see her coming down the path to collect them. Then off they go to have great fun, socialising with their doggy pals. They go to parks, the beach, woodland walks to name a few Caroline & Sam always keep us informed about what the dogs have been doing while we are at work. Caroline is so flexible and is always willing to go the extra mile for us and our dogs. She also looks after Poppy & Roly in her own home when I go away with work or we have a few days holiday. I don't think I would trust anyone else to care for my dogs the way Caroline cares for them.
  Petnanny is certainly not just about walking dogs, Caroline also arranges fun events for the dogs and owners to take part in, the most recent was Petnanny Circus Themed Charity Dog Walk which was a HUGE success. Petnannies also do health check and have grooming sessions with the dogs, they also make sure they have plenty of opportunities to socialise and experience new things, they train them and teach them good manners.' 

Kim Leighton, 2011

'Just had probably the best walk ever on my own with both dogs, Archie( my son) was in his pouch so had both hands free, thank you for the work you have put into them'  Hansom and Lil's mum. Sept '07


'Many thanks I am so pleased I found you......'  Vayder and Belles dad Sept '07


' It's superb & I LOVE the composition!' CK Breeze portrait Sept'06


' If it wasn't for you and all you have taught us with our Weimerarner, Vinnie we wouldn't have been doing such a good job on our beautiful daughter Grace, thank you for all your advice, help and time'  Vinnie's mum and dad Jan'07


' I can go on holiday knowing you will and have always looked after Dorcas, 18yrs old, fantastically well.  She always looks as well as we left her, well loved and pampered.  I know dear Jason , 21yrs, loved having you around over the years.  Thank you again for looking after my lovely cats and giving me complete piece of mind no matter what.' Jason and Dorcas kitties mum and dad June'07

Ever since my Bedlington girls have been with Caroline, Petnanny you have no idea what a difference it has made to me and the dogs. I can now go out to work stress free knowing that the girls are being well looked after. They get more exercise now than ever before and it is good that they can mix with other dogs. When I look at the photobucket you can see they are all having a ball. Caroline puts more than 100% in what she does, it is not just a job to her, she really cares for the animals. I have told many people about Caroline and highly recommend Petnanny. Poppy, Lucy and Molly's mam


'Charlie is so much happier since you started taking him out during the day, not to mention , so much better behaved (!) - I can't thank you enough!' Thanks again Kirsty, Matt & Charlie numb nuts! (But you've gotta love him don't you?!)Aug '06


'Just found this site and wanted to let everyone know how much I (and Sophie of course) appreciate what you and Glyn have done for us. It has taken us all a lot of hardwork and patience but Sophie is now so well and happy - I couldn't have done it without you!' Jan sophies mum '07


'Well, we knew the picture was going to be good by seeing the photos on your site but you have done the girls and youself proud!  You have not only caught Pebble and Poppy's likeness but also their characters.  I am no art critic but I think that your use of shade and highlighting is also supreb.  Well done, phenomenal!  Fantastic! What more can we say except THANKS VERY MUCH!'  From Pebble and Poppys owners on their recently commissioned artwork.  Oct'07


We found Caroline after seeing her van in a local dog walking location. Our first dog Loki was a beautiful lively dalmation puppy around 2 months old at the time. From day one Carolines dedication was evident, on meeting my naughty little puppy she seemed to instantly have control, unlike ourselves. As Loki grew, Caroline helped with training and gave advice on many other problems we and Loki encountered. Her advice, help and support was much needed and appreciated, particularly when Loki was poorly. Caroline then offered us the opportunity to home another beautiful Dalmation, Nanci. Nanci is deaf and was around 8 months old when she joined us about a year and a half ago. It was extremely daunting taking on Nanci initially and we must admit that we wondered if we would be able to cope. But with Carolines advice and help when Nanci first came home, we have adusted to her disability very well. She helped us to communicate with Nanci in a way we never needed to with Loki. Nanci is now very happy in her new home and we are even happier to have her with us. Both Caroline and Glynn are loved by our girls and they look forward to their time out with them and their other canine friends. Caroline has been extremely flexibile with us over the years and has helped out on numerous occasions. We currently use the service five times a week although this changes she will always accomodate us. Carolines main priority is the welfare of our dogs and if that means that from time to time Caroline needs to nag us about something, then that is what she does. This shows us that her main priority is the girls. Petnanny services have been fantastic over the past few years with support and advice. For this we could not thank Caroline and Sam enough. Stu and Sonia Kent

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