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If it isn't Petnanny it is just a dog walker. Often imitated never matched.

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Please note I am currently full for all services.  

Some of our Services ~



Petnanny is a trained first aider and I am not only trained to deal with emergencies I am also trained to prevent accidents, heat exhaustion amongst other possible scenarios, medicating when required, injections ( whilst I am trained to do injections we no longer provide the service), caring for disabled pets and have shared responsibly to keep our charges physically fit and well.  I regularly health check our Petnanny dogs, weighing them and keeping records of their weigh changes over the years.
I are fully insured against:
Public liability
Care, Custody & Control, Key cover, training and handling of multiple dogs.  
Here in Co. Durham, Tyne and Wear, Gateshead and Northumberland we are very fortunate to have every combination of walk available to us.  Whether it be fell, field, hill, woodland or seaside.  The freedom to walk off lead and enjoy all this area has to offer.  With most things in life this comes with a flip side!  With all the different terrains and walking areas are challenges and requirements.  I train for all variables I can.  Habituation to stock and horses, respectful practises around crops ( a farmer's livelihood), our version of the highway code ( think children's code with leads), good manners around other walkers, dog walkers, horse riders, cyclists and sensible wildlife/ dog management.   

Dogs benefit from letting of steam and playing with their own kind, learning the important lessons of life whilst you work and play

  • On or off-lead with your consent
  • We aim for stimulating and satisfying walks with different terrains, play, socialising and simply being a dog!
  • Elderly and infirm dogs can saunter at their own speed
  • We are happy to continue with any training requirements you may have using kind, effective methods
  • We aim to bridge the gaps in your dogs life when you can't
  • Enjoy a content, well behaved, happy dog when you come home
  • We specialise in training pet dogs that owners can be proud of
  • Many of the dogs that come to us are shy, very young, used to being the only one
  • many of them are over the top or reactive and noisy when meeting dogs on walks
  • We take as long as we need to train them, educate them to all things dog

  • Waiting as patiently as they possibly can for me to lift them down for a walk.....awwww.

    Guys playing on the Morpeth stepping stones. 
    Sometimes it's not about running and all about play, quiet time or hunting the sweeties eh Nero and Tash?!

    Trips to the beach ( here with their owners) are always a delight!

    We focus on training yet they don't notice as they are too busy having fun
     or working out what earns them all this fun.
What is involved when having your dog walked by Petnanny?
We are often asked what it involves.
We have one van on the road, fitted with made to measure pens.  With a heater, ventilators and showers I ensure your dogs are comfortable and of course safe whilst in our care.  The pens have a soft specially fitted rubber composite flooring and then bedding on top.  I have a choice of part covered and part wired pens depending on the dogs preference, not only are the pens comfortable they also meet all requirements for safe, reponsible travel whilst on the road.  I evolve to match our customers needs between us we find the best way to care for your dog.
I am supplied with keys by the majority of our customers houses and start doing pick ups first thing, we pick them up according to need and dogs preferences then once picked up I start walking.  Dogs are chosen to go out with each other based on their temperaments and of course they like to go out with their friends...I have dogs who have been with us since 1998 and even have second and third generation.  Every single walk is chosen based on its suitability for the individual dogs.  The dogs in the van have each other for company and the knowledge they are next for a walk.  Any dogs who do not enjoy travelling out and about with me stay at home until I walk them.  A flexible service so if you have a preference just ask.   My van has extra security with remote cameras. 
Once all the dogs are walked, the walked dogs happily relaxing with their friends, I then feed any pups or dogs that require feeding and finish watering.  Now its sleep time.  My dogs tend to prefer a snooze before being dropped off home. This is when I have lunch usually whilst visiting house dogs for a break.  Any dogs that need some house visiting training are taken into an approved house for this.
After a snooze we get them out for an afternoon tootle allowing them a wee after their drink.  Pups and infirm dogs will go out as much as they require in between.  This is the best time for a bit of one to one affection (we all enjoy that) as they aren't impatient for a walk and are feeling calm and relaxed.
Next is the drop offs, I love to see the dogs delighted to come out with me and relaxed when they go home.  Having already been showered , dried off kept warm with my heater you have a dry clean dog dropped home. Once all locked up and goodbyes off I go to drop off the rest.  I also have dogs who are dropped off with us first thing and picked up so I will field phonecalls to make arrangements if we are meeting up.
Vet visits, grooming appointments, dog food pick ups and all manner of other duties are fitted around.
All dogs are assessed and slowly introduced to my system, our dogs and of course me!   Doing this at their own speed taking as long as is needed to make sure your dog is comfortable. If it takes time to acclimatise them with mixing, travelling and anything else I take the time it takes.  I average one new dog every six months maximum with my long term regulars staying static.
I aim to only take on a limited number of dogs.  I often have a waiting list and will not take dogs on past my preferred limit.  I can guarantee the highest standard of care, therefore still manage to walk all our dogs if there are any hold ups( this happens we are working with animals after all).  In order to keep this high standard I are staying small and local and have no intention of franchising despite near constant requests to do so.   A business is only as good as its weakest member.


In Your Own Home ~


Enjoy your break safe in the knowledge that your small pets are being 'spoilt' in a secure home environment and in their own homes with knowledgeable care.  Time spent on, not only their physical needs but also company and attention.


Not just petsitting we can do medicinal baths and grooming

Don't worry I was looking after their kitty too!  

Dog Sitting

Has the same benefits as for cats and small animals but because of the demand for our services we now only sit dogs who have regular Petnanny walks, we can however recommend other companies who will provide a superior service.

Sorry we are currently FULL 


Petnanny Cat ~ Perfect Care

Cats may be more independant than dogs but they still need specialist care when you aren't around to provide for their needs

As masters of their territory and creatures of habit, a trip to the cattery can be traumatic for your pet cat

Strange smells,noises and environment can all create stress

Cats are, without doubt, better off staying in their own homes, eating familiar food in a familiar environment and sleeping in their normal spot ~ your bed maybe?!  Petnanny will come and provide the love and attention you normally give ~ even her food will be out of the same dish.

Our customers are content in the knowledge that during their kitties life I am there to care for them when their owners aren't.



Perfect Pet Training and Extras

We all appreciate our dogs and science has proved how beneficial pets can be to our health, especially by helping us relax

Untrained dogs, however, can create an enormous amount of stress!

We can help with one-to-one training to help you train your dog to be well mannered and well adjusted.  We only use kind methods in training and will do nothing to hurt your pet


  •  Walking nicely on lead
  •  Coming when called
  •  General controls such as:-
  •  Prevention of stealing and distructiveness
  •  Greeting people politely
  •  Grooming and handling
  •  Teaching coping strategies and frustration control
  •   Walking nicely past other dogs and distractions
  • An example of a quiet sit wait before being released to play.
  • Whilst we don't want dogs to be too friendly with cows they need to
  •  learn how to cope and how to behave around them
  • Even visits to shops and Vets can be scary for dogs, slippery floors 
  • and feeling pressure with strangers around
  • Coping and enjoying new situations even when faced with a cat in a trapeze outfit!
  • A simple watch me can mean all the difference when there is a lot going on around you 


Puppy Advisory Visits:

  • Preparing for your pup
  • Diet and general care
  • Socialisation


I can also help with:

  • Moving Home
  • Taking your pet for vaccination
  • Trimming Nails
  • Picking up your pet food

    We train our Petnanny dogs to cope with basic teeth hygiene until they can eventually cope with teeth descaling without any restraint or need for anaesthetics
    Takes an enormous amount of trust to allow me to clean their teeth just as it takes trust for me to clean their teeth without restraint.

Petnanny aims to be a complete service and if you think I might be able to help in any way, please contact us

[email protected]

Tel: 0191 410 3647

Mobile: 0788 182 7899

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