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I couldn't bear yet again to change the section on my guys and gals so I have simply started a new paragraph!  

October 2015

Tumbleweed the one eyed wonder cat is no longer with me and I kept my promise not to let him fade to nothing.  He lived a life and a half and I will be forever grateful to him.  I miss him so much and miss having such a vivid personality in my life there will never be such a cat for me ever again.  

June 2015

Flute and Tips are two wonderful, tormenting and challenging ( in the best way) Ibizan Hounds and what an education they are...with little urge to please us humans.  Through these hounds ( more especially Flute who has such a phenomenal prey drive) I have learnt so much about me, my handling and new novel ways to train dogs and the journey continues.  

Tumbleweed is hanging in there, the old man swings from imminent disaster to complete resilience so I shall follow his lead and adjust his meds accordingly for his latter moments.  He is still such a hoot however with entertainment comes noise.

Ella and Zaffi are doing well, Zaffi has recovered from surgery and the fitness programme is ongoing.  Ella is now in light work to keep her active mind entertained and we are enjoying it although it is always a much more white knuckle ride than Zaffi.

I have also inherited two elderly guinea pigs both over five they have adjusted incredibly well and though sad they came to me I do have to say they are funny beasties...I though my horses ate a lot.



Its only right I introduce you to my lovely guys.  I now have two young dogs join my happy band, my old boy Shy has coped fantastically well with these two hoodlums thankfully.

Shyboy is my blue eyed merle who suffered from extreme abuse and lives with the physical and mental scars.  After two years of rehabilitation he is a happy silly lad full of fun and cheek with only glimpses of the damaged dog he is.  At approximately 11years he is young at heart and very old in his body but as long as hes happy so am I.

Flute is a Podenco Ibicenco, an Ibizan hound.  I picked him up at seven weeks old and ever since I have hardly been able to take my eyes off him for more than one reason!  He is like a caricature of a dog, for such a fast dog he does everything so slowly!

Then there is Tips.  Tips is Flutes litter brother and he came to live with me at eight months old...He is such a quick, wily funny dog who wiggles so hard when he sees you his tail bashes his face as he wags.  He has the cutest smile and can jump anything he chooses.

Tumbleweed where do I start?!  As a young kitten I picked him up off the side of a road to be put down and I still have him.  Hes a hypoplastic cat( brain damaged), deaf and one eyed but I defy anyone to feel sorry for him once theyve met the dafty.  A permanent kitten locked into a sumo wrestler cat body I am very short of delicate ornaments and we have learnt to live with his turbo stlye and phenomenal voice( he cant hear himself but we and all our neighbours can).  He is one of the very few cats I know that actively enjoys a bath and enjoys a hard pat like you would a horse.  A fantastic judge of dogs he is a valuable tool when cat proofing the dogs, he just loves travelling occassionally in the van and enoys his parttime job. 



Tips Tumble and Flute...all as mad as each other!

Ella my Andalusian cross Appaloosa mare

Zaffira posing for a bespoke jewellery company Zaffi is full sister to Ella 


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