PetNanny and Animal Artist

If it isn't Petnanny it is just a dog walker. Often imitated never matched.


Winifred chewing log suffering Elsie and Stan being Stan

Using human food as rewards for studio shots certainly fired up Harry

You can't have a funny page without Hugo

Sweet Izzy tries very hard to be a tough lurcher

Izzy doesn't DO catching even if it is human food

Hugo refusing to pose for studio shot and Oscar well Oscar being a pug!

No words needed.  Oscar as a pup

Stanley are we boring you?

Stanley trying to live up to bull breeds reputation bless he did try very hard

All that play acting clean wore him out

Tips tries to outdo Izzy and Stan

Sorry Bella you won't fit

Feral puppy and Oscar and Hugo having giddy fun
Westie down!
Tash walking the walk!
Jasper preparing for take off
Murphy there are simply no words 
Flying Fergus
Hansom hong kong Fuey
Notice how Jasper and Murphy are usually involved!
I feel a spot the ball moment!  Bobby jiving
Our own Rossi being taken out by his friend Darcy daft young dogs!

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