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Caroline Howlett owner of Petnanny:


I am a dedicated pet lover and have worked with animals ranging from Dolphins to Heavy horses, Sealions to of course Dogs.  I was brought up with animals and from a young age expected to care for my own pets whether they were my lovely guinea pigs or even the Axolotyls.  As a family we were outdoor orientated so it was natural for us to keep fit, taking part in sub aqua diving, wildlife clubs and walking with our dogs, Wendy a lovely black labrador, Suzie a damaged gsd cross, Taiger and Twigs the boxers.  Our cats led their own lives merely using us as a means to an end but we loved them all the more for it.

After saving up for my first horse ( I was cruelly ignored, despite many many protestations, a horse did not turn up on birthdays and christmas's sniff!) I worked as a means to an end to keep Mattie in the manner of which he was accustomed but always longing for the job that would allow my love of animals to be a wage earner.  After working with Hunters and then showing Clydesdales I longed for a job where I could look and care for the animals to my standards, not just to win a show or focusing on performance, animals to me are personalities, 'people' in their own right.

Well as luck would have it I stuck to a job that taught me more about myself and about what was important in life that I started looking into a complete change of life.  Swift my young lurcher lost her leg in an accident and nearly her life, her aftercare was intense and her emotional recovery was an ongoing concern.  I was very fortunate to have friends and family to support me all the way it made me wonder how normal people without that support coped with their animals.

Now most people had heard of dog walkers in America and even London so I started to research the possibility of starting a dog walking, pet care, petsitting service.  Once the idea had formed and research undertaken I started to look at what I wanted to achieve.  Did I want to just walk dogs round the local park on lead without other dogs or did I want to educate dogs and owners, helping in all aspects of their welfare?  Would cat owners pay a stranger to come into their homes and entrust them with their cats?  Would people pay to have their pets lives improved?

I really believed they would pay, would trust someone who was trustworthy and built up a solid reputation and I wanted to do all I could to help the people and dogs that paid to use a pet nanny.  So the name Petnanny was an obvious choice.

Well 17 years on I was the one who was educated the most, my life has changed immeasurably and for the better.  I am proud to say I have not only improved the dogs, pets and owners lives I even saved more than 10 dogs lives by spotting health problems early and acting upon this, saved so many dogs from being rehomed by educating them and helping to provide them with their daily needs.  I may be 'just' a dog walker to many people but I smile to myself and listen to what my pets, dogs and owners tell me.

 I strive to continue with my education, attending seminars and training courses.  A professional trainer joins me throughout the year to assess my handling in order to keep my standards high.

I am very much owned by my two wonderful Ibizan hound litter brothers Flute and Tips, Ella and Zaffi my eight and ten year old Andalusian x Appaloosa sisters.

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Me with my two young Podencos

Having a lesson on Ella

Schooling Zaffi



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